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Team-Based Engineering and Manufacturing (TEAM)

The TEAM Summer Camp will introduce high school students to authentic engineering practice. Students participating at various locations will collaborate on engineering projects using the Co-Create, Design, Build, and Operate(CDBO) methodology. During the two-week program students will learn to use CATIA v6, the 3D design software used by Sikorsky, Boeing, Airbus, Ford and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, etc. In the second week students will work collaboratively on the challenge projects , testing, validating, and refining their designs, mimicking the collaborative engineering process used by today’s global workforce.










Scientific Summer Camp

During the camp students will visit teaching facilities and laboratories, participate physics, chemistry, Astronomy and IT courses at the University of St Andrews. The program encourages students to experience research-led university science learning and develop  spoken and written English in authentic scientific contexts. Students and professors will exchange views and explore the scientific world with many hands-on projects. It also includes interesting social and sport activities ranging from football and treasure hunts to quiz competitions and traditional ceilidhs. At the end of the camp, qualifying students will receive a certificate of completion.









iSTEM Program

iSTEM focuses on the study of agriculture, biology and natural resources. During this camp students will have the opportunity to collaborate with Texas Tech faculty in a project-based learning environment while being exposed to different facets of mathematics, biology and natural resources. They will apply this knowledge through group projects, research, and evening activities during their stay. At the end of the camp, qualifying students will receive a certificate of completion.